Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat...I Love My White Shoes
story by Eric Litwin  art by James Dean

Pete is a very cool cat.  Although he loves his white shoes, he doesn't complain when his shoes "change" along his journey.  Pete just say's, "It's all good." Then carries on on his way!

This book is great for little ones and big ones alike.  Lot's of repetition allows the children to read along with you.  It is also a great book for learning patience and how to have a good attitude.  This cool cat is fun to follow!

This activity may cost a bit, unless you have a pair of white keds to recycle?  My girls and their friends did this activity on vacation, so we didn't have white keds...we used white tank tops.  So keep your options open ;]

When the book has been read and your ready for an artistic adventure dig out those old white keds (or anything around that is white and can be colored on).  Find your colored pack of sharpie perminant markers (or whatever medium you want to use that is perminant), and get to creating patterns and designs on those "groovy" white shoes!!
My girls are older, so these patterns are not a great example of what a 4 year old would draw, but I hope the idea sets in?  Mainly I just wanted you all to see how well the perminant markers work on fabric.
This activity should give kids the opportunity to show off their creativity and imagination, and also experience art on a different canvas.  While the children are 'designing' discuss the cat's attitude.  Can we be like Pete and enjoy the surprises life gives us?  Do we need to get upset every time something happens that we didn't plan on happening?  Practice saying "it's all good" a few times and maybe make up your own song to sing when life throws you a curve ball!  Then let your children wear thier 'new' shoes to the store, park or grandmas proud they will be! :]

*colored pack of perminant markers or paints
*white keds that fit, of coarse :]  (or t-shirt, pillowcase, shoe laces....)

That's're finished!  So much fun, and time well spent with your little ones :]
I appologize for not getting this book out until Sunday.  My family was on vacation in Lake Powell and I didn't have an internet connection.  I hope you enjoy this weeks book and I will touch back with you on Friday for a new adventure :]

It's All Good!
Miss Lisa :]

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