Monday, May 30, 2011

Where The Wild Things Are

Our feature book of the week is "Where the Wild Things Are" by: Maurice Sendak

The book is SOOO much better than the movie (in my opinion - although the costumes were terrific)!  This book brings to life great adventures...for boys and girls alike.  It helps make a fantastic distinction between the comforts of home and joys of adventure.  It also helps in understanding that home is a great place to be, it's familiar and warm (and our mom's live there) ;]  It will help in connecting imagination to adventure and the importance there-in.  Read this with amazing voice extention...your kids will love that.  (, prepare sandwiches before you start!)

don't throw away your old kleenex boxes!  use them for the cavity of your paws.
1. rip out the plastic holder from the opening.
(mom, cut the opening a little bigger, depending on foot size?)
2. use some old animal print material (or just go buy the cheapest kind - walmart is good) and cut into approximately 1'X1' pieces.  about 35 pieces per paw.
3. glue fabric pieces randomly to top and sides of kleenex box (not the bottom - too slippery!)
4. digg out some 'elbow macaroni' and glue to top-front of paw for the claws!

** 4 years & younger will need a little help with the fabric cutting **
** my girls painted their claws with toe-nail polish...lots of pink macaroni! **

* bread
* sandwich guts of your childs choosing
* milk
* empty kleenex box
* elmers glue
* 1/8 yard animal print fabric (per child)
* elbow macaroni
* fabric scissors (pinking shears would make a great effect!)

Now that the project is complete take that adventure!  Those paws will be sort of cumbersome and hard to walk in but will give the children an idea of how hard it is to be a monster with big hairy feet!  Walk down the street, let the children pretend and create imaginative scenery...and mom, just go with it!  See everything they "see" and notice some super imaginative things yourself.  When you see the neighbors out in their yard let your child show off their paws and walk proudly in confidence, roaring all the way!
When you return home have those sandwiches and milk ready to eat...just like in the book.  Sit together and discuss the book and events of your adventure!

Wishing you happy wild adventures!
Miss Lisa :]

*this book will be featured until June 10th*


  1. Wow, what a cute idea and I love this book too! Looking forward to your next book! Thanks

    Elizabeth at Teachers Market

  2. Thanks a million Elizabeth! Enjoy!