Friday, October 7, 2011

Boris and Bella

The book of the week....BORIS AND BELLA,  Written by Carolyn Crimi.

A book about an unlikely pair attending a monster party.  Starting out very glum and ending with a twist, it's a fun story.

At book club we tried to recreate the same refreshments and favors that Boris and Bella tried to enjoy at their party.  Check it out....

Eyeballs were part of the Boo-ffet at the Monster we made our own!  Creepy and bloodshot, well's almost halloween!
Created from medium sized wooden balls from the craft store.  White, blue, green, brown and red acrylic paint for whatever color you want your eyes to be.  
Next we explored the Monster's main coarse of the party....Snake-Spit Stew & Maggot Muffins! 
Maggot Muffin....look at those maggots creeping around in that dirt!
(chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate chips...yummy)
Snake-Spit Stew, nothing like some yummy snake heads and guts!
(macaroni & cheese with cut up hot dogs...eeeeww)
CHEERS BOYS!  Let's eat up!
 Boris and Bella played pin the head on the headless we played pin the skull on the skulless skeleton!  That skull ended up in some pretty silly places :]
not too shabby Mister R!
you're a little off, Mister K :]
great spot to put a skull Mister D...and nice spooky face!
Mister A...your skulless skeleton needs a Chiropractor!
Before Boris and Bella were swept off to the party time dance floor they sipped on some Ghoul Drool!  We would not ever sip on ours (we would get super sick if we did), however, our Ghoul Drool RULED!!!
Mr. K and Mr. D made green drool...gooped right through their fingers!
Mr. A and Mr. R...well their faces say it all.....AH! It turned our fingers red and blue!
I don't know who I got this recipe from?  I wish I could remember so I could give credit where credit is due...but just know it's the coolest 'GOOP' recipe I've found yet :]
1 cup cornstarch
2 cups baking soda
1 1/4 cups water
5 drops food coloring
It will be hard to mix.  Using your hands is the best way to mix it!  When it's completely mixed, you'll know.  It feels SO cool in your hands when it's consistancy is right.  As long as you play in it, it will stay the same consistancy.  When you leave it alone for more than about a minute it will harden up again.  I store mine in a quart size baggie and just start squeezing it through my fingers until it becomes smooth again :]

Enjoy all of your adventures & Thank You for checking us out!
Miss Lisa :]

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